Regurgitative Journalism

Patterico finds more examples of The New York Times regurgitating Democratic talking points without any attempt at fact-checking or verification. The Times takes a particular statement from Kit Bond and completely ignores the actual context while making other extremely basic mistakes.

The New York Times is supposed to be the nation’s newspaper of record — yet is guilty of some of the most sloppy work this side of some left-wing rag sheet. When you have a paper with the credibility of Pravda yet brimming with self-righteousness and arrogance, it’s a recipe for disaster. One wonders if the Times even cares about getting the facts right any more — given that they’ve already had several major journalistic scandals , had Howell Raines and Jayson Blair make mockeries of them and had a bunch of “pajama-clad bloggers” whipping them at every opportunity, one woul think that they’d start cleaning up their act — then again, this is the Times we’re talking about…

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