The New Site

Welcome to the new Jay Since Bloghosts has sadly folded, the site is now located at Hosting Matters, the same hosting company that hosts some of the most popular blogs out there.

The template is also new, although it’s also a work in progress in some areas. I’m also using the latest alpha version of WordPress 1.3. Am I crazy? Well, yes, I am, but that’s besides the point. This version has been in testing for a few weeks, and seems to be more than sufficiently stable for now. Given that WordPress is pretty stable and fully open, I rather doubt there are any major bugs in this version that will cause problems for now. Of course, I like living life on the edge.

I’m also using a very advanced spam filtration system that should stop those comment spammers dead in their tracks.

UPDATE: So far the anti-spam system has nuked all of the spam hitting this site, and only accidentally nuked a few posts due to people coming up from the temporary address. If your comment is getting nuked by the spam system, try making sure you’re coming in from the right address — and you’re not trying to sell v1agr@ or mentioning debt consolidation…

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