Remembering Pearl Harbor

63 years ago the United States was attacked by Imperial Japanese forces, beginning America’s entry into the Second World War. National Geographic has a historical look at the events of Pearl Harbor. Michelle Malkin also looks back at the way political correctness is obscuring history. She also points to an interesting piece by a veteran of Pearl Harbor speaking out on the Iraq war.

Jeff Quinton also provide a list of links to other sites commemorating the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor was the point at which an America that had been viewed as isolated and decadent found its strength. The things that this nation accomplished in World War II and its aftermath are unprecedented in human history. We not only unleashed hell upon our enemies, but we then went back and created two free, peaceful, and independent nations in the wake of all that destruction. Where others would have sought empire and domination, we spread freedom.

Much was sacrificed by those who have earned the title of “the greatest generation.” Yet those sacrifices created a better and stronger world. Today, our soldiers continue that noble tradition, sacrificing their time and in some cases their lives to spread freedom worldwide. It is that tradition of bravery, sacrifice, and determination that will end the threats of our time and render them as impotent as Nazism or fascism is today.

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