Volokh Cleans Slate

Eugene Volokh takes Slate to task for another of their “Bushisms” that was taken completely out of context.

The President does have a tendency towards malapropisms (“make the pie higher” and “is our children learning” being a few of the more notable ones), but the media continues to flog them to death in the Quixotic quest to justify their view of Bush as being some kind of simpleton. There are plenty of quantum physicists who can’t form a straight sentence to save their lives, but that doesn’t mean that they’re stupid. For all of the insinuations about Bush’s intelligence, he’s managed to do what no US President has done since 1988 and win reelection with a simple majority.

The constant barrage of unwarranted criticisms over Bush’s verbal stumbles reflect more on the media’s Ahab-like fixation on the President than it does on his intellect. Given that the left isn’t smart enough to figure out that their sneering contempt for middle America isn’t winning them any friends, they’re in no position to criticize.

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  1. Hey Jay. I’m embarassed to admit how long it must have been since I’ve been by, but then I’ve barely done any blog reading for several weeks. Just wanted to say how much I like the new design. Your old one was great, and the new one may even be better. Cheers.

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