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  1. Where’s the lie? Come on Jay, you can read better than this. He did not make the film for the purposes of winning an election. But, if it can change people’s minds away from Bush, he is all for it. That is 100% consistent. You’re fabricating lies.

  2. When has Michael Moore ever claimed to be trying to get elected, Jay? I don’t see a lie; I see a misunderstanding on your part.

  3. Defending a man who choses to dissent in a country where our government lies to the people about the reasons for sending men and women to die in another country, for shame. I mean what kind of idiot would want the average american to know what it really looks like over there? I mean, hasn’t the President and the DOD been through enough trying to prevent pictures of the dead American soldiers from our eyes, and the truth of the quagmire that is now Iraq from our televisions? Hasn’t FOX News put enough effort into trying to convince Americans that the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq are both wars we can win? Really, what kind of low individual stands up for a person like that?
    I do. Good job to Michael Moore, I don’t care what his reasons were or are, people needed to see Farenheit 9/11, if only so that they would go and find the truth about Iraq and 9/11. His movie was successful, despite the attempts of the GOP to destroy his credibility and make him look unAmerican for making it. Bush won and we all have to deal with that, but that doesn’t mean that you can criticize a man who made an attempt to show the world what kind of man we just reelected. If Michael Moore’s movie changed one person’s mind about Bush or inspired one person to find out what is really happening in Iraq, then he deserves an Oscar, whether or not he is elegible. The press has stopped acting as the fourth estate in this country and if Michael Moore has to inform the masses, then by God I’m glad that he’s doing it because FOX News isn’t telling the truth and neither is CNN.
    Oh and before someone replies to this post, no I don’t like Michael Moore, I was not happy with him for the acceptance speech that he gave at the Oscars two years ago and I’m not saying that Farenheit 9/11 was 100% true, but I read the 9/11 Commission’s report and I have friend’s in Iraq and family who have served in the Middle East, and when it’s my brother who could be dying for a lie, then I get a little defensive about people pasting the label of unAmerican on the person trying to make America wake-up and see what is happening in the world.
    So to make a long post, longer, I agree with Greg, Moore saw how Farenheit 9/11 could benefit Kerry’s campaign, but he had filmed the movie long before Kerry had even been assured of the Democratic nomination. Yes, he thought that the movie could help, millions of volunteers thought that they could help Kerry get elected too, but we were all wrong. His intent was stated the day that announced that he would be making a documentary about 9/11, he wanted to raise awareness about why we are really in Iraq, regardless of how this could, and should, have helped the dems in November.

  4. Fahrenheit 9/11 is nothing more than the crudest of political propaganda. It is a film designed to deceit, lie, and distort the truth about Iraq. It is filled with well-documented lies, deceptions, and half-truths designed to separate the gullible from both their money and common sense.

    Kari, you should know better. Michael Moore doesn’t give a flying fuck about your brother or any member of the US military. He calls the men who would murder him and every American soldier “Minutemen”.

    Anyone who is dumb enough to believe his tripe has shown that they’ve abandoned common sense and decency.

  5. Jay,

    Dude, I don’t know what I would do with all of these *cough* ‘comments’. I guess it’s your price for fame. You go! I’m in your corner.

    ; )

    Merry Christmas.

  6. Unfortunately the best your website of so-called Moore “lies” can conclude is that the movie combines facts that are indisputably true in order to give a “false” impression:

    Kopel’s lawyerly description of Moore’s claims shows the film to be a genuinely impressive accomplishment in a perverse sort of way (the way an ingenious crime is impressive)–a case study in how to convert elements that are mainly true into an impression that is entirely false–and this leads in turn to another thought.

    Pardon me for not being impressed with your “refutation.” The best you guys have is that someone who took all of Moore’s sarcasm literally would wind up believing things that are wrong. But I don’t see how predictions about hypothetical idiots constitute proof that Moore is a liar.

    Have you even seen the movie, yet, Jay?

  7. Unless something has changed since this summer, Jay Reding has not seen Fahrenheit 9/11, and is thus basing his entire opinion of the film on hearsay accounts from other conservative smear artists, most of whom also have not seen the movie. Conservatives seem to have learned nothing of Bob Dole’s 1996 embarrassment in critiquing movies he had not seen. With this in mind, Jay’s movie reviews have, remarkably, even less nutritional value than the usual RNC tripe he fills his blog with daily.

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