Resistance Is Futile

Glenn Reynolds joins the cult of the iPod.

Now, if Apple were smart, they’d send him a nice iBook or PowerBook and really convert him to the dark side. Once you get used to the ease of use, simplicity, and power of the iPod, you start to appreciate the whole Apple design élan.

After two months with my iBook, it’s rapidly become my favorite machine to work on, despite the small screen size. The size and weight make it much more simple to lug around to the local coffee shop or through the airport, and the built-in wireless has had no problems connecting to anything. In fact, my iBook has been the most trouble-free machine I’ve owned, including machines I’ve custom built for myself. There’s just something about the way the iBook is designed that makes it just work. Like any OS, there are some quirks to get used to and some minor annoyances, but all in all, owning a Mac is a much more pleasant experience than owning a PC.

Let the assimilation begin!

11 thoughts on “Resistance Is Futile

  1. I’m a long time PC user. Never owned a Mac. Wanted an Apple II in the early 80s, but couldn’t afford it.

    I got an iPod early this month. It is wonderful. If the iBook is half as easy and intuitive as this, I want one. Problem is, will my law firm switch or would I remain incompatible.

    VHS or Beta?

  2. Fortunately, there is a version of Microsoft Office for Mac, and it’s 100% compatible with the PC version. Connecting with shared network drives on a Mac is acually easier than it is on the PC, and Entourage for Mac connects to Exchange servers just fine if that’s what your office uses for email.

    Macs and PCs get along quite well together. In fact, I’ve found that it’s easier to get a Mac connected to a Windows workgroup than it is to get another Windows machine connected…

  3. The Zen’s a decent player, especially for the price, but it’s nowhere as easy to use as the iPod, it doesn’t work with iTunes (which is by far the best music software out there), and it just doesn’t have the “it factor” that the iPod has. Especially given that the latest Creative players are basically rip-offs of the iPod, it would seem that they’re trying to capture the same lightning in a bottle.

    Granted, if you’re not willing to spend the cash and have a lot of music, the Zen makes sense. Then again, the iPod’s reputation isn’t all starry-eyed infatuation, the iPod is a very well designed and thought out device, and most certainly worth the price.

  4. It seems that maybe PCs are only good for games (because game companies are more likely to support it). I use my computer for web stuff, email, photoshop play, Adobe Premiere and iTunes. And occasionally to do MS Office work. Sounds like maybe I’ll consider a Mac next.


  5. Actually, I was one of those devoted Windows users who dingated Mac folks until I got so flustered with a Dell laptop that I was willing to try anything that was stable. And that ‘s when I discovered the iBook. Actually, what really won me over was OS X (version 10.1). It was so stable and reliable. The only app that ever crashed was ironically Microsoft Word! I have been able to work seemlessly on Windows networks at two different Universities in Canada and the United States, and have never been stuck in a position where something wasn’t possible with my Mac. In fact, I graduated to a PowerBook 2 years later.

    As for games, get an XBox for $149 and keep the Mac for productivity.

  6. For info on Macintoshes in Law Offices —

    And, there are many law offices that use Macintosh Computers exclusively.

  7. BTW, TIME’s feature on Karl Rove pointed out he has a PC on his desk (gov’t issue) but prefers his Mac laptop which he totes to work also.

  8. BTW, TIME’s feature on Karl Rove pointed out he has a PC on his desk (gov’t issue) but prefers his Mac laptop which he totes to work also.

    That just made my day. 🙂

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