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A New Iraqi Voice In The Blogosphere

A new Iraqi blog called Liberal Iraqi has just opened up, written by another resident of Baghdad. It’s another look inside everyday life in the new Iraq, and another opportunity to understand what’s really going on over there. One of the great advantages of the blogosphere is how it empowers new voices such as this. Without the blogosphere, we might never be able to get this kind of insight into everyday life in Iraq.

As-salaam aleikum!

(Link via Michael Totten)

2 thoughts on “A New Iraqi Voice In The Blogosphere

  1. It strikes me that an Iraqi in a situation privileged enough to run a blog may not be the best representative sample of letting us know “what’s really going over there.” I suppose it never occurred to you that the perspectives of the relatively few Iraqis lucky enough pontificate the merits of the U.S. occupation from behind their keyboards may differ from the impoverished masses living on the very streets where insurgent bullets are flying.

  2. The average Iraqi living in an urban area like Baghdad or Basra would have no trouble finding an internet cafe that offered internet access at a reasonable price. An hour of internet in an Iraqi cafe is only 1500 dinars – or about $1, which is expensive but not out of the reach of a good segment of the urban population in Iraq.

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