Death To Bugs!

I’m finally getting some relief from what has proven to be the sinus infection from hell. Yesterday I finally got some nice antibiotics. Of course, these antibiotics were roughly the size of a fist and immediately jammed themselves into a corner of my throat that I didn’t even know existed. There is nothing more irritating than having a pill caught in your throat and slowly moving around when you’re trying to sleep. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much last night. Fortunately, doxycycline comes in a much smaller tablet version that should have no problem fitting down my gullet. (And yes, I know antibiotics and things going down people’s gullet are usually topics of discussion best left to Wonkette, but forgive my venting…)

And the annoying bug which causes IE to simply give up rendering this page mid-way through to the bottom should be fixes, albeit with an annoying hack. The bug with IE mangling the blogroll is not fixed. Which leads me to Jay’s First Rule of the Internet:

IE sucks.

However, those of you still stuck with a browser that’s roughly the age of Abe Vigoda in Internet years can at least now see the total length of the page. Other weird things may happen, but I’m quite frankly rather sick of dealing with IE’s incompetence at rendering perfectly valid code.

And there you have my rant for the day. Things of greater import will come later…

One thought on “Death To Bugs!

  1. IE sucks mostly because Microsoft wants us all to use their stupid proprietary protocols so they can own the world. But look at the bright side; you don’t have to code the page to look good in 50 different browsers!

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