Wild Cards

I have to admit it, I figured that the Minnesota Vikings would be toast after Randy Moss’ embarrassing stunt of last week, but the Vikings pulled off quite an upset this afternoon beating the hated Green Bay Packers on a score of 31-17.

Daunte Culpepper was at the peak of his game, as was Randy Moss (although he still couldn’t refrain from making an ass of himself). However, I still can’t help but feel that somehow the Vikings got lucky – those 4 interceptions made a big difference in the game.

Being a Vikings fan is getting used to disappointment, which leads me to believe the Vikes will choke in the next game against Philly, but I figured this game would be over by the first quarter. At the very least, we got to put those Packers in their place just once…

2 thoughts on “Wild Cards

  1. It was a very nice day to be a Vikings fan, especially being in Packer country here in Milwaukee. Favre is clearly over the hill. Tice has saved his job, and now the pressure has built on Mike Sherman for next year. However I won’t consider a loss to the Eagles a choke, but I will expect a competitive game alteast on Minnesota’s part.

  2. Jay, PLEASE beat those stupid Eagles on Sunday. I live in Trenton, NJ and while the general population is pretty much split between the Giants/Jets and Eagles fans, the Eagles fans are by far the most annoying. I really need them to shut up. Here’s hoping Moss has 3 touchdowns and Culpepper throws for 400 yards in a victory.

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