2 thoughts on “Another Reason Not To Use IE

  1. Hi Jay!

    I’ve been waiting for a techie post to tell you about your webpage (No e-mail Dude?). It looks great with explorer. But I usually browse using Safari and the page does not appear as it should with Safari. I’m not saying to do anything strictly for us Safari users, but I did think you would want to know.

    What is happening: Everything looks normal until about 2 – 2 1/2 inches below the current date header. At that point the gray border is moved over to a new margin to the right at least a half an inch. Actually both margins move right at the same point on the page. The text on the left is then overlapped on the gray and your right side bar text has the right margin colors cutting down them.

    I hope this helps…

    Best, Kelli

  2. At home, I am using Firefox these days, but at the library (where I am now) they only have IE6. Your page looks fine here, except that when you click on the comments, only a certain amount of page is shown. If the previous comments were too long, or there were too many (usually this means more than two…), the page just ends. Like on the DDT post, your refutation of whoever wrote about eggshells is just deadended midsentence. You cannot even get to the reply-box, you cannot post comments, etc.

    Also, some links on the right hand column are not alligned properly – they extend left out of the grey box…


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