America’s Worst Senator

Ted Kennedy has reached an entirely new low when on the eve of Iraq’s historic elections he irresponsibly and disgustingly emboldens the terrorists murdering Iraqis by the score. Calling for a pullout of Iraq now is a callous and disgusting position to take, especially when the people of Iraq are facing attack by murderous terrorists.

Does Senator Kennedy want the terrorists to win? Is Senator Kennedy so unfathomably idiotic to believe that troops from the Arab League (members of which are financing the terrorists) would have any interest in Iraqi democracy? Has Kennedy lost all sense of morality?

Or more likely, did Senator Kennedy ever give a damn about anything but his political career?

Like Mary Jo Kopechne, Senator Kennedy would leave the Iraqi people to drown — which is why Senator Kennedy is one of America’s most shameless figures since Benedict Arnold — a traitor to the values of democracy and liberty in Iraq and the Iraqi and American troops fighting for them.

UPDATE: Red State has an excellent piece on Kennedy’s shameful address.

One thought on “America’s Worst Senator

  1. If Kennedy is doing this for his political career, it must be in the interest of seeing it destroyed. Calling for a pullout from Iraq on the eve of the election will be widely denounced by a nation still sold on the idea that dissent to war equates to a death wish for American troops. Furthermore, Kennedy’s future in American politics at this point is no more ambitious than another term as Massachusetts Senator.

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