United For Iraq

Brent Rassmussen posts this important statement of unity and asks others to follow:

I’d like to ask a favor: Regardless of one’s political inclination, irrespective of your confidence in the electoral process employed, or the decision to invade and occupy Iraq, no matter what the outcome, let us all stand united in our admiration for those courageous Iraqi’s who will brave gunfire, RPGs, bombs, and reprisal, to determine their own fate? For they choose to do so in bold defiance of promised violence and certain intimidation

This isn’t about the United States any more, and this certainly isn’t about President Bush. One can argue that the Iraq War was a bad idea, unjust, etc. However, this isn’t about the war, this is about the future of the Iraqi people. They have a chance to choose their own fate now, and everyone who respects human rights and democracy should — indeed must — stand with them against those who would drag them into tyranny, despair, and hopelessness once again.

A’ash al-Iraq!

One thought on “United For Iraq

  1. Way to say, Jay.

    While I am very cynical about the prospects for Iraq’s future, you are right that this is a special day it Iraqi: the freest election they have ever had or will have. For one brief moment in time they will be a democracy.

    I feel eventually the hammer will come down. Control by someone or group will eventually occur and it will be welcomed as relief from the chaos that threatens their daily lives but freedom will be lost. But it will always be remembered that during the time the Americans where there, they were the freest they could ever be.

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