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  1. Jay, you are so right. It is easily the best sci-fi show in a long time, but even my wife likes it and she hates science fiction. Given that it’s the highest rated show on Sci-fi right now, I think I’ll venture to guess that it’s going to be around for a while.

    And yes, if you did say that about the original BSG 25 years ago, they would have locked you up. Of course, I liked it then, but I was 9. What the heck did I know??

  2. The rumor — and I’m pretty sure that’s all it is right now, just a rumor — is that NBC is talking about picking up the show for their summer season. An abbreviated version of the series pilot, which ran opposite a football playoff game, brought in respectable ratings, and the critical buzz for the show has just been over the top. Since the show has already been produced and mastered (in high definition, no less!) and is sitting on the shelf, and NBC Universal owns it, they can put it on network TV basically for free.

    The buzz is good. Very good.

  3. That is a tough choice… let BSG go network, with a group of network execs who don’t understand it, and will most likely muck it all up. Versus not being in HDTV. Hmmm… very tough…

  4. I’m glad you keep bringing this up. Every friday night at 11pm a sit stunned. Can’t believe that (a) the quality is so good and (b) consistent. It is the perfect way to capitalize on an old franchise that appealed to the young. Remake it, those who saw it when they were 11 (like me) will check it out, but since We are now in our 30s, make it for 30 year olds.

    What a great show. And not just the best “scripted” show, it beats all the unscripted ones too.

    Now, is it better than Lost? I say yes.

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