A Hail Of Fictional Bullets

PowerLine has more on Italian “journalist” Guiliana Sgrena including images of the car she was riding in. In Sgrena’s description of events the Americans fired a “a rain of fire and bullets” at her car, which she also described as being at least 300-400 rounds.

Of course, if one looks at Sgrena’s vehicle there’s no sign of such withering fire. The vehicle took a rather small amount of damage, and the damage is consistant with standard operating procedure would be for dealing with a potential terrorist car bomb — first shoot out the engine block to try to stop the car then kill the driver. If Sgrena’s story were true, the car would be riddled with bullets. It’s very hard to believe that US troops could fire 400 rounds — including tank rounds by Sgrena’s story — and only hit the vehicle a few times.

Sgrena’s story simply stinks — and given her radical agenda, it’s not at all surprising that she would use this tragic incident to try to smear the US.

5 thoughts on “A Hail Of Fictional Bullets

  1. Are we sure this is her car? Several news sources have reported that she was riding in a pickup truck.

  2. I agree. Much too soon in my opinion to know the whole story. I read a couple stories saying they drove a pickup.

    That said, I think her version of events to be pretty hard to believe.

    But I’m happy to withhold judgement til the whole story is out.

  3. The images are from La Repubblica, which is sort of like the Italian version of The Washington Post. Sgrena’s story is hardly coherent, but the source for these images seems to be credible.

  4. I’m definately leaning towards the conclusion that her story is a fabrication, and she’s certainly inflating events as part of an agenda. On the other hand, I’m willing to cut just a slight amount of slack for surviving something we all should hope we never go through.

    When I browse other conservative blogs and hear her referred to as “the italian cow”, I think that’s way too far.

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