Will Microsoft Get It Right?

CSS guru Eric Meyer indicates that Microsoft may make Internet Explorer 7 compliant with basic web standards. There’s been some back and forth on this about whether or not the IE team will finally embrace basic web standards (despite the fact that they helped write them) — hopefully the continual pressure from the developer community will push them towards finally embracing standards.

If IE would just get things right when it comes to CSS design and other issues, it would make the lives of web developers such as myself infinitely easier. IE’s broken support for things like PNG transparency and it’s half-hearted (and half-assed) support for CSS positioning not only make life harder for developers, you poor schmucks still using IE are missing out on some features that would make the web more visually exciting and easier to use.

Besides, I’m rapidly running out of hair to tear out when IE barfs on yet another layout or mangles another design due to a broken box model. Tables are so 1996, and when the browser that has 90% of the market finally gets things right everyone can finally move into the 21st century.

5 thoughts on “Will Microsoft Get It Right?

  1. I can’t use Firefox because, for some reason, it reduces the size of everything – as though I cranked up my resolution to the highest setting. Becomes unreadable.

    And IE crashes all the time, most recently, it has a hell of a time figuring out how to render the sportsline.com website.


  2. Did you try increasing the font size (hit Control and the plus key)? I’ve never noticed a problem with FF reducing text size. There’s also an option to set the default fonts and colors under the Options box… look under “General” and “Fonts and Colors.”

  3. God.. how nice would it be if IE stopped rendering broken code as well? Force web designers to actually learn how to code properly! I hate when a site works in IE but not Firefox.. simply because they don’t want to have to code up to standard.

  4. I hate it when I have to use Internet Explorer. It’s all Firefox all the time in this household.

    Jay, quick question. Is it worth upgrading to WordPress 1.5?

  5. Jay, quick question. Is it worth upgrading to WordPress 1.5?

    Absolutely. 1.5 has a bunch of new features and has been perfectly stable. The new theme system is well worth the upgrade alone.

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