Are The Palestinians Rejecting Terrorism?

An Israeli General is saying that the Palestinians are preventing as many suicide attacks as the IDF is. Mahmoud Abbas is doing what his predecessor never did — living up to his promises to stop the terrorism against the Israeli people. In the meantime, the IDF continues to withdraw from Palestinian cities and allow the Palestinian security forces to take over security.

The situation in the Middle East remains tenous as it always has, but this news is some of the most heartening news to come out of this conflict in years. Abbas appears to be legitimately interested in peace, and the Palestinians have the chance to reject terrorism and embrace the values of a free society. If they maintain this road and work to reduce the vicious anti-Semitism that has been allowed to grow throughout the region, there is hope for a free and independent Palestinian state afterall.

No doubt the terrorists will not go quietly, but as their paymasters in Damascus and Tehran come under their own form of pressure, they will continue to be in a heavily weakened state. The Gordian knot in the Middle East is beginning to unravel, and conflicts that were once thought to be insolvable may yet end.

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