Comments Back Up

Something was causing comments to be rejected outright by the system without going into the moderation queue or leaving any other trace. I’ve gone to a fallback system that should keep the spammers at bay until I figure out what’s going wrong. You should be able to leave comments again.

UPDATE: The server this site is hosted it appears to be getting hammered by high load averages — possibly another site on the machine getting attacked. Access might be intermittant for a bit while Hosting Matters gets it worked out.

2 thoughts on “Comments Back Up

  1. This is, then, one of those comments where you type “Yay, two thumbs up” before you know whether your praise is actually justified – i.e. whether posting actually is functional again.

    So here goes:

    “Yay, two thumbs up”

    If the world gets to read this, all is fine. If it doesn’t, it isn’t.


  2. How unfortunate for the board that the nonsensical diatribes (among some of your all-time best…or worst) of the past few days were unable to be countered with sanity before now when they’re old news.

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