The Media Puts Soldier’s Lives In Jeopardy

The Corriere della Serra is running a story containing the full text of a classified document on the Sgrena killing. The redacted portions can easily be read due to a foul-up in the way the PDF was created.

Now granted, this is a stupid thing for the military to have done in the first place, but the fact that the document contains details about troop movements, how VIPs are escorted down “Route Irish” and other pieces of information that will give terrorists everything they need to know to attack US troops and other dignitaries, publishing such information is irresponsible and stupid. The public’s “right to know” does not trump the safety of our soldiers and others.

Given that Sgrena’s story has completely fallen apart, we have satellite imagery proving that her car was going faster than 60 mph, and that the US soldiers were following established procedures in dealing with a potential car bomb, the document doesn’t have anything that could be considered a “smoking gun.”

Allowing such critical information to fall into the hands of the enemy is irresponsible journalism, no matter how easy it was made. All those responsible for this breach should be sacked, and our military will have to significantly alter its security procedures thanks to the incompetence of those that released this document.

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