Morale Down In Iraq

A recent communication has revealed that morale is down sharply in Iraq… among the terrorists.

The author of the letter also “admonishes the ‘the Sheik’ for abandoning his followers” after the Falluja siege late last year.

U.S. forces led an assault last fall on the Sunni Triangle city’s terrorist network that is believed to be run by al-Zarqawi.

Because of the “continuous pressure by Iraqi and coalition forces,” the statement said, al-Zarqawi has relied on his cell leaders to conduct operations while he is forced to evade being killed or captured.

The terrorists in Iraq were basically sent in as cannon fodder for US troops. Al-Zarqawi has always been playing by the Vietcong rules in which continuous attack would get the US to turn against the war and abandon the Iraqi people. That strategy has now utterly failed. The terrorists have launched attack after attack after attack in an attempt at a war of attrition, but our technology, better training, and will is simply greater than theirs. The Iraqi people reject terrorism, hate the foreign fighters among them, and realize that the only way to have a free and independent country is if the terrorists are defeated.

The coaltion has done much, but victory ultimately lies with the Iraqi people. For the first time, more Iraqis are handling security than foreigners, which is one of the most crucial aspects of this whole war. The Iraqis have to be willing to step up and face their future, and they have done so with a spirit and a will that is nothing short of heroic. Despite all the bombings, despite all of the violence, Iraq is being rebuilt day by day, brick by brick, street by street by everyone from pushcart vendors to Prime Minister al-Jaafari. The United States cannot rebuild Iraq, the coalition can rebuild Iraq, only the people of Iraq can create a new future for their nation.

This letter is only one sign that the future of Iraq belongs not to terrorism, but to freedom.

6 thoughts on “Morale Down In Iraq

  1. Morale is down among the terrorists – is that why they insist upon killing themselves? Taking out a few others may not even have been their intention, after all? They are all just so depressed that they just have to blow themselves up, getting it over with quick?


  2. What breakfast cereal have you been eating? Your attempt to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat is admirable but just dead wrong. Your portrayal of the Iraqi people as “heroic” makes them sound alarmingly like our resplendent and heroic South Vietnamese allies thirty years ago, who, when the going got tough, the tough got going — straight to the US embassy for visas!!

  3. Mark, I don’t see how you have the nerve to refer that way to allies we betrayed by backing out, per the demands of people like you.

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