That’s It, I’m Moving To Beirut

Michael Totten has been in Lebanon for several weeks and recently brought back some images of Lebanon’s greatest natural wonders. Wowza would be an understatement here.

On a more serious note, one of the signs of a healthy culture is how they treat women and minorities – and the Lebanese seem to be far more comfortable with pluralism in society than the rest of the Middle East. Certainly the fact that women don’t live in fear and aren’t forced to wear the hijab is a sign that radicalism doesn’t hold sway.

Beirut was once a Middle Eastern paradise before it became synonymous with war and devastation. The people of Lebanon seem poised to once again make Beirut a jewel of the Mediterranean and a symbol of the new Middle East. Hopefully now that the Syrian occupation has ended, the Lebanese people will be able to forge a new democratic government that will help lead Lebanon into the future.

4 thoughts on “That’s It, I’m Moving To Beirut

  1. “Brunettes. We rock. Nothing more to say.”

    Amen. Blondes are COMPLETELY overrated.

    Which makes me ask a question I’ve asked myself repeatedly as of late- why, oh why, did I go to a Norwegian Lutheran-affiliated college?

  2. I agree about the Lebanese women though would say Turkish women are even better looking. As for hijab issues, seeing that nearly half of Lebanon is christian it is easy to understand why that issue is a non-starter (atleast in christian areas). Now that Assad’s puppets are gone, hopefully meaningful change can take place in Lebanon.

  3. I misread his initial post that those were taken from the muslim side. Well that’s quite good, Lebanon does have a very secular heritage. I will say despite Syria’s secular heritage I saw very few uncovered women when I was in Aleppo two months ago with the exception of course Aleppo’s christian and armenian quarters (which are by no means insignificant). Good on yourself West Beirut, Aleppo you need to catch up.

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