How (Not) To Bow Out With Grace

Ed Morrissey has been doing a Pulitzer-Prize worthy job of keeping track of the complexities of the Canadian Adscam scandal. He reports that the Canadian Parliament has passed a vote of no-confidence in the Liberal leadership. However, the Liberals refuse to back down, and Prime Minister Paul Martin is still desperately trying to cling to power.

The Liberals are hoping that they can prolong any action on this issue until after it has faded from the public eye. Given the way in which the Canadian political system has been set in their favor, it wouldn’t at all surprise me if their ploy worked. Some have gone as far as to argue that Canada is becoming a banana republic. I wouldn’t go that far, at least not yet, but the way in which the Liberals have entrenched their political power should be shocking to Canadian citizens.

The Conservatives are going to have to pull together on this one and not only show why the Liberals have misused their power, but also present the Canadian people with a compelling reason why the Conservatives have a better plan for Canada’s future. It’s clear Martin and the rest of the Liberals are a bunch of kleptocrats, but that’s not necessarily enough to convince the Canadian electorate to throw them out.

Canada desperately needs a dose of Thatcherism as it disembowels its own defenses and travels further and further down the road to serfdom. The Liberals are showing that they’re incapable of leading – now the Conservatives have to show that they are.

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