Chrenkoff’s Modest Proposal

The ever-brilliant Arthur Chrenkoff has a modest proposal for the mainstream media:

I’ve got a modest proposal to Ted Koppel and “Nightline”: why don’t you read one day the names and show the pictures of the 170,000 or so American servicemen and women stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan who every day are working their hardest to ensure that democracy takes root, terrorists are defeated, and these two countries have a chance to build a better future for their people. That might convince a cynic such as myself that you really care for the troops generally, and not just only when they can be cynically used to embarrass the Bush Administration.

Nightline is once again planning a special episode in which the read off the names of the 900 soldiers who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past year. If it were truly meant as a tribute, it would be one thing — but Nightline wants to use our fallen heroes as political props to advance their agenda.

If they wanted to honor our fallen soldiers, they should honor the cause that they died to achieve. Elsewise their sentiment is little more than crocodile tears.

2 thoughts on “Chrenkoff’s Modest Proposal

  1. The election is over. Bush was re-elected and the Congressional majority was padded with even more war-mongers. What “political agenda” can Ted Koppel expect to advance by airing the names and photos of dead soldiers? The reason the right fears this has nothing to do with Nightline’s alleged political bias, but the fact that it might convince some of the Lynndie England’s of rural America that war isn’t a video game, and thus further reduce the number of available warm bodies to advance their own political agenda.

  2. At least you got the first part right Mark. The election is over and there is a new Majority and a President that prefers to keep this country safe by keeping the battle against terrorism on the shores of the terrorist. Perhaps the minority would prefer the battle returned to our shores? Perhaps that is why they are now in the minority. God, I love saying that, minority!

    Great idea Jay………You’ve been trackbacked and thankyou.

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