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  1. This guy is an absolute moron. I would assume that I’m the type of voter the Dems would want to court – I’ve been voting Republican or Libertarian, but I’ve been more and more disenchanted with the priorities (steroids?) and fiscal spending of the Republican party. I have a Ph.D. (in clinical psych, no less – I may be the only non-socialist psychologist out there!), I’m not religious in the least, and have mostly “blue state” tastes even as I vote red state. And every time I even think about where I’m at politically, the Dems say and do stuff like this. I can’t even entertain the thought of voting for a party that spews this kind of garbage, political issues aside. Isn’t this guy’s job to try and bring in more voters, rather than to simply preach to the most fervrent in his own party?

  2. Jerry, to answer your question, the party chair’s primary job is bringing in money to the party…and Dean is reportedly doing well by that measure….mostly by preaching to the “most fervent in his own party.” It’s the same reason why GOP party bosses raise most of their money by preaching to religious fundamentalists and robber baron business interersts as opposed to AFSCME employees in the Bronx. Certainly, Dean’s hot rhetoric is not helping out with converting red state voters to the Democratic fold, but it seems rather unlikely that one man could or should fill that role. I doubt there are too many people who went to the polls and decided to vote for Bush because they were so repulsed by former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe. Likewise, how many Kerry votes do you suspect were won out of opposition to RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman? It’s just as illogical not to vote for Democrats in 2006 because of Howard Dean’s presence as the current party chairman. I suspect if his diatribes continue, there will be an “emergency shakeup” for the position anyway.

    Also amusing is how you are willing to give a pass to Republican mouthpieces like Ann Coulter, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson after their bloodthirsty bloviations. If you really decide who to vote for based on whose rhetoric is the softest, any number of elected and unelected Republican spokespersons can and do out-Dean Howard any given day.

  3. “Hi, I’m Jay Reding. I want to pretend that Howard Dean is dumber than George W. Bush, even though everybody over the age of 9 knows that Bush is one of the stupidest assholes on God’s green earth.”

  4. “Hi, I’m a troll. Look at me write dirty words! I so smart!”



    Let’s see, Dean’s not only managed to piss off some of the Democrat’s biggest donors, putting the Dems at a major funding disadvantage, but meanwhile Ken Mehlman has been reaching out to black and Hispanic groups across the country.

    To think that the Dems put him as the official spokesperson for their party – Karl Rove couldn’t have done better.

  5. I don’t disagree that the choice of Dean for DNC chair was a poor one and, if you recall, I wasn’t exactly enthralled at the idea when the decision was made. The Dems managed to pick the one person among their ranks capable of generating media buzz (and none of it positive) to the otherwise ignored DNC chairman position.

    As for Republicans reaching out to black and Hispanic groups, the GOP has been trying that for decades, for the most part with nothing to show for it. Bush did do unexpectedly well among Hispanics this year, but there’s little evidence that that was more than a blip. As for blacks, the Republicans are still struggling to get back to Bob Dole’s 1996 highwater mark of 12%. Most evidence shows that the small percentage of blacks and Hispanics that went for Bush this time after going Gore last were religious fundamentalists latching onto the GOP’s platform of intolerance. With that in mind, the Republicans will have to move even further into social conservative territory if they want to peel off a few more economically liberal blacks and Hispanics. That strikes me as a risky strategy.

  6. Mark,

    I agree that there are people on both sides of the aisle who spout incendiary verbage which simply preacheto the masses. However, I don’t think you can place Ann Coulter, Pat Robertson, or Falwell on the same level as Dean, in terms of their roles. Of the four, only Dean is an official spokesperson, and was selected by his fellow dems to be the face of the party. Furthermoee, his role in reaching out would appear to be more important, in that the Democrats have been losing many of the recent, important elections. Mehlman is reaching out more, when he is in the better position to be simply appealing to the base. Lastly, while I admit I’m not unbiased, I am telling you that I’m I guy wh’s vote is up for grabs, and of all the crap that comes out of Washington, the crap that turns me off the most of last comes from the left. If the Dems want my vote, the Michael Moore garbage will have to stop.

    As for Larry, I can tell you, as a psychologist, that Bush is no idiot. I’ve administered IQ tests at least 300 times, d I’d estimate his IQ at around 115-120. Not a genius, but certainly one standard deviation above the mean. Furthermore, studies have shown that the most effective political communicators have an IQ of roughly 119-125; anything higher, and they start to lose people on the lower end of the curve. Of course, I’m sure you’re not interested in anything like is, you just want to piss people off, but I’ll try teducate you, just the same…

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