The Butcher Of Harare

The situation in Zimbabwe had gone from dire to nearly catastrophic. The tyrannical regime of Robert Mugabe has recently destroyed thousands of homes in an effort to punish areas that are supportive of the opposition MDC (Movement for Democratic Change). The reaction of this has been a call for a two-day general strike, which appears to have largely fizzled. Meanwhile, Mugabe’s forced depopulation of Zimbabwean cities continues unabated. The Belmont Club has more developments. See also Publius’ coverage of the general strike and Chester’s coverage of the events in Zimbabwe.

The situation in Zimbabwe is absolutely intolerable. Mugabe is a tyrant who is currently engaging in a policy of forced collectivization and outright brutalization of the Zimbabwean people. Yet it appears that even regional leaders like South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki have little interest in reversing the bloody status quo and bringing an end to the Mugabe regime. Meanwhile, Mugabe has a free hand to butcher and oppress the people of Zimbabe time and time again.

It is a deeply disturbing commentary on our society when a group like Amnesty International gets their knickers in a twist over a book, while millions of people are being systematically oppressed and barely rate the back page of A section.

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