Dick Durbin: Anti-American Moron

The Democrats love to say they support the troops, but the fact that Sen. Dick Durbin’s irresponsible and stupid comments prove it’s all a farce. Sen. Durbin accused American servicemen and servicewomen of being equal to Nazis, or Pol Pot’s death squads. Anyone dumb enough to make such an idiotic and odious comment has absolutely no business being in American government. Sen. Durbin has refused to apologize. He shouldn’t. He should resign.

Accusing Gitmo of being the equivalent of Aushwitz or Treblinka is one of the most singularly asinine characterizations one can make. Last I checked, prisoners at Aushwitz were murdered in a systematic fashion – at Gitmo they’re given health care, halaal food, and allowed to freely practice their religion.

The idiotic, ignorant, and disgusting comments made by Durbin are indicative of what most of the Democratic Party really believes. The Democrats would rather have us be “liked” by the people who have committed to murdering us by the score rather than fighting our enemies. Democrats scream bloody murder when someone questions their patriotism. Too damn bad — Durbin’s statement was exceptionally unpatriotic and outright stupid.

If idiots like Durbin had been around during World War II, we’d be punishing our troops for using the word “Kraut” while Jews were being gassed en masse. If we’re going to fight this war with both hands tied behind our back it’s only a matter of time before we face an attack of a magnitude that will make September 11 look like nothing.

2 thoughts on “Dick Durbin: Anti-American Moron

  1. Unfortunately, I can think of a lot more adjectives to put after ‘Anti-American’, but most of them consist of words neither my mother or my wife would approve of…

  2. Interesting I see the Democrat Party hasn’t mustered the courage to disavow this loon. Unfortunately the Democrat Party seems to be the party that “protects the rights of terrorists” rather than defend Americans.

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