The Inhumanity Of The Intifada

In a story that shows the absolute depravity of Palestinian terrorism a severely burned woman was used as a suicide bomber, but was foiled before she could detonate the 22lbs of explosives she was carrying.

A badly burned Palestinian woman was alternately defiant and tearful Monday after Israeli soldiers caught her trying to enter Israel with 22 pounds of explosives hidden on her body.

The woman, who suffered serious burns on her hands, feet and neck in a kitchen explosion five months ago, had been granted permission to cross into Israel from the Gaza Strip for medical treatment when she raised the suspicion of soldiers at the Erez checkpoint.

Video released by the military showed 21-year-old Wafa al-Biss taking off articles of clothing on the orders of soldiers searching for explosives, and rubbing her disfigured neck with her burned hands and screaming.

The fact that the Palestinians would even think of such a disgusting action is beyond reprehensible. Until such monsters are brought to justice, the chances of peace between Israel and Palestine are nil. A society that sends its injured to become human bombs is a society that is deeply sick and cannot be tolerated by civilized society. Until the Palestinians speak out in one voice against such atrocities they will never be a state, but a death cult.

One thought on “The Inhumanity Of The Intifada

  1. Excellent point Jay. But this should hardly be shocking in a society that uses young children as human shields. There are many moderate voices, but intimidation from Hamasniks has hampered their ability to deliver their message. In direct contrast to this, Israel has detained suspected militants from the far right believed to be plotting both anti-Arab and anti-Disengagement attacks. Those who continue to paint Israel and Palestine as opposite sides of the same coin are deprived of either honesty or intelligence, and perhaps both.

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