The Kudzu State

Michelle Malkin notes the explosive growth of government under the Republican Party in the last decade. The GOP has always prided itself in being the party of smaller government — at least when they’re not in power. Once they are, the natural Washingtonian instinct for using the federal teat to

Of course, we’re as addicted to pork as they are, which is why the situation is unlikely to get much better. Unless we hold our elected officials to cutting spending, our elected officials won’t cut spending on their own. When reelection often hinges on how much federal pork can be doled out to a particular state or district, political expediency will wear down even the most adament supporter of limited government.

There’s a direct relationship between economic performance and economic freedom. If we continue to tie ourselves up in a sea of red tape, we’ll soon fall behind. Big spending is expected of the Democrats, but the GOP needs to hold itself to a higher standard. It’s easy to put the needs of one’s constituency above concerns about the fiscal health of our nation, but to paraphrase Burke, our representatives owe us not just their industry, but their judgment; and they betray instead of serve us if they sacrifice it to our opinions.

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