Old Grey Lady Ain’t What She Used To Be…

Captain Ed finds The New York Times running with one of the singularly dumbest articles ever. About five minutes of fact-checking could have determined that the soldiers in the room were ordered not to interrupt the President’s speech. In fact, had they been paying attention to the speech they would have noticed that the President didn’t stop for applause lines as he does in all his other speeches. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the event had been scripted with the assumption that the President wouldn’t be receiving a reaction from the audience.

The fact that the Times actually let such a completely and transparently idiotic story shows how far their standards of reportage are. There’s absolutely no story here, and an even remotely competent editor should have spiked this tripe the second it was proposed.

Then again, expecting the Times to have anything remotely resembling editorial judgement seems to be a fool’s errand these days.

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