Nancy Pelosi, Blithering Idiot

Will Collier points to en especially egregious example of Nancy Pelosi’s moral and intellectual vacuousness in her comments on the Kelo decision.

The House passed a resolution that would deny federal funds to muncipalities that seized private property, which apparently would have caused a look of consternation to pass across Rep. Pelosi’s face had Botox not irrecoverably twisted it into something that looks like Lon Cheney in drag. Apparently to Rep. Pelosi, Supreme Court decisions are etched in granite and can never been changed. Someone should remind Rep. Pelosi this isn’t true and that Plessy v. Ferguson was overturned before she starts putting “colored-only” water fountains in her office.

If I were Ken Melhman, I’d start running ads featuring Pelosi’s vapid comments in urban areas – the places where governments are most likely to seize homes for “urban renewal” – in a reminder of who stands for property rights in this country and who doesn’t.

As Collier notes:

Back when Dick Gephardt retired, one of the knocks on Pelosi moving up to the minority leadership was that she was just a socialite fundraiser who didn’t have a grasp of either policy or communications. Looks like that read was dead-on.


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