The Poll They Don’t Want You To See

Captain Ed finds a revealing Gallup poll that has gone curiously unreported in the mainstream media:

Gallup announced yesterday that it had taken a snap poll after the speech given by George Bush on the war in Iraq from Fort Bragg. The poll showed some movement bolstering support for the war. In fact, it showed Bush picking up ten points on whether we are winning in Iraq (up to 54%), twelve points on keeping troops in Iraq until the situation improves as opposed to setting an exit date for their evacuation (now at 70%/25%), and seven points on whether Bush has a clear plan for handling the war in Iraq (up to 63%/35%).

Odd that Gallup’s partners (CNN and USA Today) didn’t mention these results… then again, it’s isn’t that surprising. The media despises Bush, and their relentlessly partisan and skewed reporting makes that abundantly clear. The media is one of the most singularly distrusted organizations in America today, and there’s good reason for that. From the forged ANG memos, to al-QaaQaa, to CNN burying its own polling, it’s quite clear that the vast majority of the media is putting their ideological agenda above the truth.

The media likes to crow about how it’s an important watchdog that preserves the public interest – but when it’s an attack dog to one side and a lapdog to another the only interest they care about is their own. If the media wants to be a propaganda outlet for the Democratic Party, fine, but they should at least have the guts to admit it.

Thank heavens for the blogosphere so that their distortions and buried stories have a chance to get pulled from the memory hole — and major kudos to Captain Ed for picking up on this story.

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