The Daily Impromptu

Apparently adulterers need greeting cards too.

How about expanding this line to other “nontraditional” greeting card topics? For instance, we need greeting cards with messages like:

I’m Sorry I Knocked Up Your Sister

You Were The Best Hostage We Ever Had

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I’ve Got The Clap, And Now You Do Too

Happy Intervention!

Merry Christmas, And A Happy Feast Of The Black Goat Of The Woods Of A Thousand Young!

I think they’ll make millions.


All I can say is heh

Bastille Day

In The Agora has a brilliant take on the anniversary of the French Revolution. Don’t forget that there’s no better way to celebrate Bastille Day than with Edmund Burke’s brilliant Reflections on the Revolution in France – a work that is one of the most insightful political works of its time, and still quite relevant today.

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