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According to captured al-Qaeda documents, the Madrid attacks of last year were specifically designed to topple Jose Maria Aznar’s government – which is exactly what happened. Granted, the Spanish people had other reasons for dumping Aznar as well, but it’s hard not to see their actions as a capitulation to al-Qaeda – certainly al-Qaeda thought of it that way.

Another Reason I’m A Mac User

The New York Times reports on people throwing away their PCs because of crapware. Thankfully, we Mac users don’t have to worry about this sort of thing – thanks to the superior security of a UNIX-based design. Not being part of the dominant monoculture has its advantages.

One thought on “The Daily Impromptu

  1. True confession. I’m a lifelong PC user. But once Macs replatformed to a UNIX based operating system, I became seriously envious.

    And still admiring the new changes to your blog. The Daily Impromptu is a great idea.

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