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Minnie Driver Just Got Hotter

Contributor A over at Asymmetrical Information notes that there’s a celebrity movement for ending farm subsidies and features this quotation from actress Minnie Driver:

And yet! And yet! Minnie Driver: “People think more aid will help, but it won’t. Trade is the surest way of decreasing the savage amount of poverty in our world. These countries have got to be able to trade fairly.” Minnie, you were not only adorable in Grosse Pointe Blank! You are speaking my language! Will you marry me, right here, on this blog?

<gollum>She’s mine!</gollum>

In all seriousness, farm subsidies are causing much devastation in places like Africa while Western farmers get paid regardless of what they produce. Corporate interests like the sugar lobby in the US are making off like bandits, while family farms continue to suffer. Ditching wasteful policies like the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the US’ restrictive and unhealthy tariffs on sugar will help the Third World, will lower prices domestically, and will help grow the economy rather than transferring money to agricultural conglomerates like Archer Daniels Midland.

Bolton Gets Recess Appointment

President Bush has given John Bolton a recess appointment to the UN ambassadorship months after Democrats began stalling his nomination. Bolton’s appointment will last until January of 2007 when the new Congress convenes. Bush is likely hoping that the GOP will pick up a few seats, making another filibuster less likely.

Bolton is exactly the right kind of person we need as Ambassador to the United Nations. The UN is thoroughly corrupt, anti-American, and anti-Semitic. The UNSCAM investigation continues to uncover layer after layer of fraud and duplicity. The US needs to send someone like Bolton to Turtle Bay and demand that the UN clean up its mess – which is a task that would make Sisyphus shudder…

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