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The Racists Of The Left

David Bernstein rips into another ranting, hate-filled screed from a member of the “reality-based community.” Apparently it’s perfectly acceptable to make racist, sexist, and disgustingly bigoted comments about someone, so long as that person doesn’t blindly toe the liberal orthodoxy.

The lefty blogosphere is almost uniformly trash. Atrios and his ilk wouldn’t know an argument if it bit them in the ass – and spend almost all their time trashing people rather than making anything that resembles an intelligent argument. There are maybe a handful of lefty blogs worth reading, and only sporadically.

Quite frankly, if you want an intelligent critical argument of the Bush Administration, you’re infinitely more likely to find it from a “right-wing” blogger than you ever will from the Kossacks or their fellow travelers on the left – the only thing they seem to care about is tossing dumb ad hominems around like “wingnut.”

Even More Racism From The Left

Captain Ed finds more examples of lefty racism, from idiotarian Harry Belafonte. Remember, all people of color think alike – and anyone who dissents from the party line must be shunned!

And these people really think that they’re upholding the traditions of the Civil Rights Movement and the Rev. King – all they seem to want to do is make sure that all minorities stay on the political plantation…

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