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Iraqi Constitution Delayed

The delegates trying to write the Iraqi Constitution are asking for 7-10 more days to complete the document as issues of women’s rights and federalism remain unresolved.

I’m not one who sees meeting an arbitrary deadline as a particularly important thing. The writers of Iraq’s new constitution have one and only one goal: create a document that will help make Iraq a stable and prosperous society. That goal should come before any particular deadline.

The US Constitution took months to draft, and required several major compromises. The Southern delegates and the Northern delegates didn’t agree on key issues like federalism, the nature of Congressional representation, slavery, and other issues. Our first government (the Articles of Confederation) was an unworkable mess. And even then, less than a century later the major flaw of our Union caused an incredibly bloody Civil War.

Compared to that, another week or two of deliberations doesn’t seem like a particularly great setback.

Humor = Tragedy + Time

I’m not sure what to think about this…

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