Art Is Never Finished, Only Abandoned

So, here’s another redesign of the site. This version features a background with a bit more depth than the previous template, and a wider width. The roughly 8% of you at 800×600 will have to live with a bit of scrolling, but that’s life.

This is a bit more of a traditional design than the Single Malt Pundit design, although I may slowly bring some of those design elements back into this design over time. You’ll also notice a new section for Impromptus in the sidebar. Impromptus are short links and notes that don’t really require a full entry’s worth of comment. That way I can concentrate on more substantial articles, but also feel free to put in a few gratuitous links as well.

Again, I’ll be adapting the site templates and making tweaks and fixes over time. If you notice anything amiss, leave a comment to this post and I’ll try to make fixes as I can.

3 thoughts on “Art Is Never Finished, Only Abandoned

  1. Looks good…I notice that there is no division on your sidebar between The Bird and A Small Victory. I think you mean to put some kind of division there.

    I noticed over at SDP that there is a larger Dakota Alliance than what you have, and the links for Irreconcilable Musings, Quentin Riggins, and The Bird don’t seem to work. Is there an official keeper of the roll for the Dakota Alliance? The reason I ask is that I would like to include it here at the MOB site.

    It took me a little while to figure out that the different backgrounds for comments was a readability feature…at first I thought the dark gray background meant that the comment was being moderated.

  2. Well done. I much prefer this new old look of your site – never really cared for the Single Malt Pundit design (though the girl was pretty…) Readability has been improved greatly. How about making off-site links open in new windows? (Is there actually a way of forcing links to open in new *tabs* rather than new windows?) Also, a preview button would be nice, but I seem to remember that there is nothing you can do about that. What font type are you using for the icon.gifs?


  3. Douglas: I should probably update my links section since there are a bunch of ones to change/add…

    Janek: Good idea for the links – and it wouldn’t be that hard to do either. Not sure if I can open them in new tabs, although that would be great. (Except for you poor schmucks using IE who don’t have tabs…)

    I think there is a preview plugin for WordPress now, I should check that out.

    The font on the sidebar is Trajan, with Voluta Script Pro in the background.

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