Dean Backpedals

Howard Dean is trying to furiously backpedal from his previous statements that the US “can’t win” in Iraq:

Seeking to clarify a statement in a Texas radio interview that Republicans harshly assailed and some Democrats questioned, Dean said, “They kind of cherry-picked that one the same way the president cherry-picked the intelligence going into Iraq.”

Dean was questioned on CNN about an interview he gave Monday to radio station WOAI in San Antonio. “The idea that we’re going to win this war is an ideal that unfortunately is just plain wrong,” the former Vermont governor and unsuccessful 2004 presidential candidate said.

Of course, Dean’s statements are a matter of public record, and his context is quite clear. Dean’s statements have clearly backfired, but no doubt they were made in full candor. Dean committed the biggest sin one can commit in DC – telling people what you really think.

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