Piercing The Condi Bubble

Jay Cost has a good piece at RealClearPolitics on why Condoleezza Rice will not be running for President in 2008:

A long time ago, State was almost a prerequisite for the White House. Six of our first fifteen presidents – Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren and James Buchanan – served as Secretary of State prior to election to the White House. What is more, there is a long list of presidential candidates who served in the same capacity, either before or (mostly) after their White House run – notably Henry Clay, John Calhoun, William Jennings Bryan, Charles Evans Hughes and Alexander Haig. That office remains one of the preeminent political positions in this country. Of this there is no doubt.

However, it has not been a step to the presidency in 150 years. Zero of our last twenty-seven presidents have been Secretary of State. And the number of secretaries-turned-candidates has also been few and far between. Since Buchanan, only one person, James G. Blaine, has received a presidential nomination after having served as Secretary of State. The rest, like Bryan and Hughes, sought the presidency and lost – and were subsequently honored by a victorious president of their party with the post. This seems counterintuitive. After all, this position has very frequently been filled by individuals of immense talent and intelligence. Why has the American public not made use of this resource? The answer has to do with matters of politics, rather than matters of governance.

Cost does an excellent job of explaining the political realities of being Secretary of State and why it’s not a suitable launching pad for the Presidency. Granted, Dr. Rice is in a better position than most Secretaries of State, but when she says she isn’t running, she isn’t running. A Presidential run requires months of prior planning, and Dr. Rice seems to have no interest in that sort of groundwork – she’s too busy doing her job.

As much as a Condi vs. Hillary match would be every pundit’s wet dream and tickles Dick Morris like a DC call-girl’s tongue, it just isn’t going to happen. Dr. Rice, much to her credit, seems to have no designs on higher political power and is concentrating on performing the duties of her office.

Then again, perhaps that explains why so many people would like her to run…

5 thoughts on “Piercing The Condi Bubble

  1. Even in some imaginary dimension where the Republican Party nominates an unmarried black woman as their nominee for President, a Rice candidacy could be derailed by a number of assinine quotes showcasing her incompetence, but the gift that would keep on giving for the Democrats would be this little number….

    “Who could have imagined that a bunch of terrorists would think of flying planes into the World Trade Center.”

    Next to that gift from the heavens, John Kerry’s “I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it” seems downright inspired.

  2. Oh and Hillary’s “plantation” speech on MLK day was inspiring. You libs have exploited race for eons and have actually done nothing of substance except constantly using black churchs as campaign stops for the upcoming elections, as well as Buddist temples but thats another story. Sad day indeed that Condi won’t run, She would have cleaned Hillary’s clock.

  3. “Oh and Hillary’s “plantation” speech on MLK day was inspiring. ”

    Did I say that?

    “Sad day indeed that Condi won’t run”

    I agree. She’s one of the few people Hillary could defeat.

  4. I for one think Condi Rice may yet run, and if she does, she has a great chance of winning. Most Republicans would absolutely love the chance to vote for a intelligent and capable leader who is (thought to be) moderate on social policies and who is (demonstrably) tough as nails when it comes to defending the nation. And the fact that Condi would be the first woman and the first Black elected to our highest office, would energize our party and draw millions of independent and moderate Democrat voters. She could raise the needed money in a fraction of the time it would take other candidates. And even a left-leaning media could not deny the drama of a Rice candidacy. I think, given the groundbreaking aspects of her leading the GOP, the historical and job-related drawbacks noted in the linked article could be easily overcome. Her candidacy might well fuel the final push needed to complete the country’s realignment to a solid GOP majority. No wonder the Dem’s dislike her so much.

    Condi is smart. She’s tough. And those black leather boots, oooh baby, that’s presidential!

  5. Amen JonK, and yes those boots are a bit distracting. So Mark you have got 2 votes for Condi and probably Jay, and only 1 (you) for Hillary) if we were a major news orginaztion that would be a valid “Zogby poll” leading to the headline “Condi favored 3 to 1 over Hillary”.

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