It’s Election Day, Eh!

Canadians are going to the polls today in an election to determine the future Prime Minister of Canada. According to the latest Ipsos poll, the Conservative Party, led by economist Stephen Harper has a double-digit lead over the scandal-ridden Liberal Party led by current Prime Minister Paul Martin. Martin’s government collapsed after the Gomery Report revealed massive corruption by Liberal leaders.

As always, MOB member Ed Morrissey is all over the Canadian elections and his site was instrumental in skirting the Liberal gag order against the corruption allegations being revealed publicly.

The Conservatives are expected to win a plurality of seats in Parliament, but fall short of a minority – however, it is also possible that revulsion with Martin’s negative attack ads may push those numbers even higher. Certainly the arrogance of Martin’s government has not won it many friends, and Martin’s bitterness contrasts heavily against Harper’s more optimistic campaign. The Canadian Right has long been fractured into various parties, but Harper has crafted the Conservative Party of Canada into an effective political organization.

Keep checking back at Captain Ed’s site for the latest developments in the Canadian election.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has more.

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