Another Member Of The Cult Of Mac

Steven Green is planning to come over to the Dark Side of the Force and get a Mac for his next computer.

I’ve been a Mac owner for well over a year now. My iBook is the best computer I’ve ever owned, and my work machine is an iMac G5. If I can run a few games like Battlefield 2 and Civilization IV on the new Intel iMac, I’ll be ditching my PC in a heartbeat. Macs have their own little quirks (like the Finder’s general suckage), but they’re still light-years ahead of PCs. Unless you’re a hard-core gamer, there’s just no reason to own a PC now that Mac are price-competitive. Yes, the initial price may be higher. Then add $50 or so for a virus scanner, plus yearly updates. Figure in the cost of a spyware blocker. Then a program to uninstall all the crap Window programs fling across your system like an enraged bonobo monkey hopped up on speed. Then add the cost of the hastles it takes to do simple things like organize your photos. Then figure that your Mac comes with iLife, which has a very capable video editing program in iMovie, DVD burning software, and GarageBand. There’s nothing like that in the PC world, and the costs of equivalent PC programs would add a lot more to the cost of a PC. A PC is only cheaper if your time is worth nothing.

And just like the VodkaPundit himself, I started getting hooked when iTunes came out for the PC. As Yoda would say, iTunes leads to the iPod. The iPod leads to a Mac. The Mac leads to total awesomness. Except he’d say it in a raspy voice and odd grammar.

You know what they say… once you go Mac you never go back…

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  1. Apples just too expensive, get a throw away pc with AMD and you can run those games and you can have all those free security updates from Microsoft..

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