Tone Deaf Al

All I can say is “thank God Al Gore never became President.”

Imagine you’re an American politician after September 11th. What’s the dumbest thing you can do other than show up to the State of the Union in a kaffeyah and an “I (Heart) Osama bin Laden” T-Shirt?

That’s right, give a speech saying that America mistreats Arabs in freakin’ Saudi Arabia.

As in the place where 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from.

As in a country where young girls are left to burn to death because they didn’t have their veils on.

As in Saudi Freakin’ Arabia.

It’s like traveling to Munich in 1937 to say that Americans need to be nicer to the Jews. You cannot possibly get any more idiotically and insanely tone-deaf than that.

And to think that screwball was 537 votes away from the White House…

6 thoughts on “Tone Deaf Al

  1. I can think of something scarier. George Bush’s oft-cited assertion that Saudi Arabia is a “friend” or “ally in the War on Terror.”

  2. And one other thing that’s scarier than a loose-lipped Al Gore….a Vice-President who shoots first and looks at what he’s shooting later.

  3. At least Cheney shot a lawyer, how’s that for tort reform, BAM ! Whats with the middle east countries and dem’s, Clinton first and now Al Gore. Maybe they thought they were at a MoveOn rally..

  4. And if Cheney ever ends up shooting someone else while hunting, Bush will be forced to pin the Medal of Freedom on his chest.

  5. Al Gore seems to me much like Bill Clinton without Clinton’s gift for charming blarney. Gore is empty inside and doesn’t know who he is except as a political construct, a project he has been working on for decades and that was cancelled. He still can’t believe he is not president … it was so obvious that the office was just sitting there, waiting for him, he even got more votes than his opponent.

    His world was turned upside down and he has no inner resources to fall back on; all he can do is, well, anything that will make him a news item again, if only for 24 hours. Having committed himself to the political left, he has no choice if he wants anybody to pay attention to him again except to make even more drastic anti-American statements than his fellow Democrats; but the bids have gone almighty high in that particular auction.

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