Hillary Clinton, whose hubris knows no bounds, is now complaining that Karl Rove “obsesses” about her.

Let’s see, she’s a sitting US Senator, the front-runner for the 2008 Democratic nomination, and shares the last name of the only nationally-successful Democratic politician in the last 14 years. You’re damn right that a political strategist is going to be watching her career closely.

Then again, given that it’s over two years before the election and Hillary fatigue has already set in, perhaps the junior Senator from New York’s political future isn’t quite that bright. Bill Clinton may have had the morals of an alleycat, but he was one of America’s best politicians. He was able to reach out to the American people in a way that only the most gifted masters of political rhetoric can. In contrast, Hillary tends to come off as shrill and preachy. The fact that she shares her husband’s sense of self-importance without the benefit of his charm means that while Hillary may be the front-runner now, that may not be guaranteed in the future.

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