DeLay To Leave Congress

Rep. Tom DeLay has decided not to run for reelection in 2006.

On the whole, this is probably a net win for Republicans. DeLay was in some trouble, although he probably would have retained his seat. The GOP badly needs a fresh start, and with Rep. Boehner taking his majority leader position and new leadership in the House, DeLay’s old base of power was eroding. DeLay’s comments about the government having no pork to cut was one of the more bone-headed statements of last year – no mean feat indeed. Stepping down now was probably the right choice for him – it doesn’t look like it comes from political pressure and it clears the deck for a new set of GOP leaders. No doubt the left will be crowing, but if it’s a victory in any way for them it could ultimately by a Pyrrhic one.

5 thoughts on “DeLay To Leave Congress

  1. If by “fresh start” you mean “significantly less slimy” then I agree. Your elected officials should not make you feel like you need a shower after you hear them speak. Also, could we please elect somebody who isn’t Dr. Dobson’s buttboy?

  2. Attempting for a third time to post a valid point that the site owner needlessly censored, there was no way Tom DeLay was gonna beat Lampson this fall. The only nonpartisan poll released showed DeLay trailing by more than 15-points. Furthermore, things can’t look good for DeLay on the Jack Abramoff front or he wouldn’t have picked now (after winning the primary) to race for the exit sign like the coward that he is. I hope he looks good in orange.

  3. I haven’t been censoring anything – and there’s nothing in the moderation queue either. Maybe Askimet is acting up? I’ll keep an eye out for problems…

    Earle’s slimy charges aren’t going to stick. DeLay would have probably beaten Lampson, if by a narrow margin, but that campaign would have diverted a ton of money into what should be a safe GOP district. By bowing out, DeLay frees up a large amount of campaign cash for other more crucial races – plus, it’s an understatement to say DeLay has an image problem anyway – bowing out was the smart thing for him to do.

  4. I can’t speak to Earle’s charges, but the Abramoff issues is where DeLay’s biggest problems lie. You’re nuts if you think DeLay would have beaten Lampson, particularly with Steve Stockman on the ballot dividing the wingnut vote. If DeLay thought he was gonna win, he wouldn’t have fallen on the sword.

    As for the accusation of censorship, it looks as though I have to swallow my pride and apologize.

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