Porter Goss Leaves The CIA

Porter Goss, the head of the Central Intelligence Agency, has announced his resignation today. This is quite a surprise, as Goss’ tenure was quite short, and there was no real warning of this resignation.

The CIA has badly needed a house cleaning for some time, and it had been looking like Goss was doing exactly that. Since there was no warning for this resignation, it’s hard to understand why Goss chose to leave when he did – or whether the choice was really his or not.

I’m not sure what this means, but I’ll be following the story as it develops and provide more information as it comes.

UPDATE: The moonbat brigade is trotting out some story about Goss and hookers, which seems about as likely to me as Kos dating Anne Coulter. More realistically, John Podhoretz thinks this is a turf struggle between Goss and Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte. That seems likely to me.

Hot Air notes that Goss’ resignation seems to be a major surprise to the Pentagon, although there were rumors about friction between Goss and Negroponte as well.

Remember, it could also be something entirely different and personal – a health issue with Mr. Goss, a family member, etc. Not everything in Washington involves some deep, sinister secret.

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