Setting Politics Aside

I was going to post something snarky about Patrick Kennedy’s recent car crash, but decided not to do so. As tempting a target as Kennedy is, he undoubtedly has a serious problem. Whether that problem is alcoholism, addiction to painkillers, a bad interaction with medication, or some combination of all of the above, Kennedy needs and is seeking help.

Michelle Malkin notes that at least one commenter at The Daily Kos is calling for Kennedy to resign. If Kennedy can’t perform the duties of his office, and that does appear to be the case, he owes it to the voters of Rhode Island to get cleaned up and back on track – and then if he wishes to continue his Congressional career he can always run again.

This is one of those cases where partisanship and politics are best left aside. The Kennedy family has had its share of tragedies, many of them self-inflicted by poor judgement, but at least Rep. Kennedy has taken the steps of admitting he has a problem and seeking treatment. Hopefully he’ll complete his course of treatment and get his life turned around, and thankfully no one was injured by his accidents. There’s a time for politics and snark. This isn’t one of them. Best wishes to Rep. Kennedy and may he make a full recovery.

5 thoughts on “Setting Politics Aside

  1. I agree this is a case to put politics aside. There are too many people that can’t seem to admit that politicians are human and have human problems. I read some place, early this morning or late last night, that Mr. Kennedy is bipolar, that could be a partial reason for his problem. Hopefully he can recover and lead a normal life.

  2. I agree and salute you for taking a pass on the snark.

    Millions of people across the country are addiction prone, dealing with depression and living with recurrent bouts of pain and disappointment, even self-loathing, because of relapses. They need help, not condemnation.

    If Kennedy’s admission of his problem and need for help encourages even a few others to own up and seek help, he will have done some genuine good.

  3. The view is better from the high road.

    Plus, as Kennedy was supposedly oblivious to the whole situation ( ;o) ), the
    real culprit here are those who spirited him through the process without receiving
    the same treatment you or I might get. Of course he probably should have gotten out
    of his car and punched the cop…as the system works for that (for the left) too…
    “hold the mayo”

    **thanks for the tip Mr. Berg

  4. The decision to resign should be between Rep. Kennedy and his constituents. For anybody on the left or the right to take it upon themselves to make that decision over this matter is rather self-indulgent. Tom DeLay was right to resign and, if indicted for felonies, Conrad Burns, Bobb Ney, William Jefferson, and Allan Mollohan should do the same. To suggest Kennedy’s chemical abuse problems are in that league is an exploitation of the “cultulture of corruption” theme….either out of malice on the part of the right or fear on the part of the left.

  5. I’m sorry but I’m not as charitable as you. Kennedy is getting special treatment and did from the moment of the accident. He’s just darned lucky that he hit a post instead of a pedestrian. What would have happened then? Would he then have been spirited away to sober up before facing the public? I too hope that he gets the help he so obviously needs, but he also needs to accept responsibilility for what happened and be honest about it. So far he hasn’t.

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