Moussaoui Wants A Do-Over

Zacarias Moussaoui is asking to rescind his guilty plea after being sentenced to life in a SuperMax prison.

It’s not surprising – the one thing that Moussaoui truly fears is that he won’t be remember. His particular form of malignant narcissism demands that he be the center of attention, that everyone hear from him, that his name be all over the news. If he’s stuck in a hole in Colorado, he knows he’ll never get what he wants.

Make no mistake, for all his previous bluster about America “losing” Zacarias Moussaoui is scared as hell.

23 hours of solitary would be a living hell for someone like him – which is exactly what he deserves.

One thought on “Moussaoui Wants A Do-Over

  1. I thought we were never supposed to have to hear about this guy again?

    I guess we will hear about his constant frivolous lawsuits and antics regularly, huh?

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