Don’t Quit Your Day Job

None other than Kos has made his political TV ad debut, and it is quite possibly one of the dumbest and most disturbing political ads I’ve ever seen – and even features Kos’ making light of his despicable and shameful comments about the four American contractors killed in Fallujah.

An ad that dumb will almost certainly ensure that Kos goes 0-18. This is quite possibly the dumbest political ad I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some truly awful ones.

Kos’ tradition of being the Typhoid Mary of politics continued unabated…

UPDATE: The “Screw them” bit was a Photoshop and wasn’t part of the ad – which I should have noticed. Mea culpa.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Quit Your Day Job

  1. I saw that it was a photoshop, and Jay was probably too busy with his real day job to notice so quickly, but what a great photoshop job that was.

    Allah was always the best photoshopper out there.

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  3. That ad is a hoot… right up there with CEI’s Carbon Dioxide ads.

    There’s often nothing funnier than un-intentional self-parody, whether it comes from the “right” or the “left”.

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