Guilt By Association

A conservative activist group is spreading the story that the Carter Center received a $1 million donation from the Bin Laden group. Which so happens to be true, but is also incredibly irrelevant as Power Line notes:

The fact is, though, that such an accusation is silly as to both Carter and Bush. The bin Laden Group is the biggest construction company in the Middle East and is, as far as I know, a perfectly respectable company. Jimmy Carter would say that the Camp David accords were the crowning achievement of his generally-unsuccessful Presidency. There is no reason why Middle Eastern Arabs like the bin Ladens should not show their appreciation of President Carter by making a donation to his library. And there is no reason why the entire bin Laden family should be guilty by reason of its black sheep, Osama–who had, as I recall, some 50 brothers and sisters.

We’ve been highly critical of Jimmy Carter on a number of grounds, but this isn’t one of them.

Guilt-by-association isn’t a good argument, regardless of who makes the accusation.

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