Bush Makes Surprise Iraq Visit

President Bush is in Baghdad on a surprise visit to troops in Iraq. More as it comes…

UPDATE: FoxNews has more on Bush’s visit. The President will stay in Baghdad for about five hours, meeting with Prime Minister Noori al-Maliki and discussing the security situation in Iraq and other issues. Bush flew into Baghdad International, then rode a helicopter from the airport to the Green Zone. Bush wanted to meet with al-Maliki face to face and show America’s support for the fledgling Iraqi government.

UPDATE: The Iraqis and US forces are planning a massive crackdown on terrorists in Baghdad, involving 70,000 Iraqi and US troops, a truly massive operation. Baghdad has been a center of terrorist violence for weeks now, and Prime Minister al-Maliki desperately needs to restore law and order to Iraq’s capitol city. This move should help make things more peaceful and help cement the power of the new government. Al-Maliki has promised such a crackdown, and now that his cabinet is complete, he’s beginning to deliver on those promises. He’s got a long and hard road ahead of him, but this show of strength is a very encouraging first sign.

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