A Note To Congress

It looks like the proposed Constitutional amendment to ban flag burning failed. As much as I hate damn dirty hippies who burn flags, I also like political speech. And despite the fact that burning a flag is stupid, disrespectful, and ignorant, so are a lot of things that are protected by the right of free speech.

I’m less concerned about people who burn American flags than those who burned 3,000 people to death a few years back.

Here are some things you should be doing:

  • Securing our borders
  • Stop wasting our money, and cut spending
  • Winning the war

When those are completed, then we can start talking about preventing married gay couples from burning American flags.

When those are accomplished

One thought on “A Note To Congress

  1. Amen, 1000 times Amen!

    (I was disappointed, but unsuprised, to see that Tim Johnson voted for the amendment.)

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